How To Beat The Recession For Less Than $2 Per Day.

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Reject The Recession With Smart Online Advertising.

Okay so we are in a recession. What does that mean to small to medium businesses?

It means that for the next 2 or 3 years business will have to ensure that overheads are kept to a minimum and sales are maintained at the highest possible level.

With consumers having less to spend sales levels may well decrease on previous years but to succeed business must maximise their share of the available sales.

Great, so how do you maximise sales AND minimise overheads?


Efficient Exposure.

In other words expose your products or services to your target market in the most cost effective way possible. Recession or not, THE proven most efficient form of advertising in recent years is the internet, PERIOD.

Think about it. Australia has a population of 22 million people and every day there are over 8.5 million searches just on Google in Australia. Over half of those people are looking for goods and services, be it in their local area or across the country.

The Question Is.... Are They finding Your Business? is an Australian Online Business Directory designed to help your business be found online. Whether your potential customers are searching Google, Yahoo, MSN, Vodafone or dLook, your business NEEDS to be found.

dLook's Way Of Helping BEAT The Recession!

For a limited time dLook is offering Australian business a


For a 6 month subscription.

Instead of charging $360 dLook is helping BEAT THE RECESSION by charging just $249 (incl gst) or the equivalent of

55 Days FREE Internet Advertising.

Call one of our consultants now on (02) 9290 #### for more details or go to our online advertising registration page.


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How To Beat The Recession For Less Than $2 Per Day.




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    “I needed to have my Video Production and Advertising Services reach more business's. I met Theo at a Business Expo and ended up signing on to dLook. Not only have they emailed out my YouTube Video Coupon out to the business listings but dLook have got me 1st page organic Google rankings, especially with "TV Advertising Production". This has led to some substantial business for me, easily worth the spend on joining. I couldn't be happier with this service, it's really working for my business. The other bonus is that it's made me pay more attention to my own site and help educate me in marketing on the net. Thanks dLook.”

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