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Intikana Tantra - Tantric & Sensual Massage Sydney

How To Find Intikana Tantra - Tantric & Sensual Massage Sydney

Randwick NSW 2031
0422 29# ###
5 stars Rating 100% - 2 reviews



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Intikana Tantra - Tantric & Sensual Massage Sydney

Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm
Tantric Massage: Advance Appointment Only
Tantric and Sensual Massage Sydney
Goddess Worshipping Randwick

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Tantric Massage, Prostrate Massage & Therapy, Sexuality Health, Tantric Counselling Sydney | Maroubra | Randwick | Alexandria | Zetland

Intikana Tantra - Tantric Massage Sydney | Prostate Massage & Therapy Sydney

Sensual Massage Sydney

This is the ultimate sensual experience which goes beyond what most men and women ever experience in a lifetime.

What makes it so expansively unique to your senses is the sexual power in the pelvis which explodes in the whole body, and can go on and on, being the longest and the most intense feeling you will ever experience.

If you can put aside a longer session, 1h, 1/2h, or 2h, your body can open to multiorgasms and what I am saying here is Orgasms! 

I'm trying to keep this simple - Orgasm & Ejaculation are two different reactions of the male sexual energies.

And there is more.... however the rest cannot be described... my clients do not have the vocabulary to describe the deep inner journeys and neither do I as it goes beyond words.

For a therapist to be your guide in this deeply sexual and spiritual journey, it is extremely important to have an alternative and spiritual life.

So be aware of sex workers who misuse this art and will not be able to take you to any of the experiences described above.

I am the first professional Woman Tantric Therapist in Sydney. After 10 years of training in the healing arts, I started applying my gifts in June 1998.

Back then, Tantric Massage was unknown... and it was difficult to introduce it to erotic women and men in Sydney.

Over all this time I have kept a simple life and have been continuously improving my techniques and I am so delighted to see my clients returning over the years and noticing how their sexuality has changed, becoming contently balanced and having an increased sexual awareness.

Prostate Massage Double Bay

In the last 12 months, Prostate Massage and Therapy has become my most popular session.

Following are a number of reasons:

The Prostate stimulation increases the production of seminal fluids and blood flow to the prostate and the surrounding areas.

This fresh blood flow supplies nutrients and oxygen to the male reproductive system, which in turn promotes healthier cell functioning.

Also, the Prostate Massages can induce ejaculation and intense orgasms in men.

It can be used as a prevention therapy for Prostatitis.

Regular prostate massages increase the amount of seminal fluid and can therefore help men overcome issues related to impotence.

From my experience most of my clients come for “something new,” “something different” or “a very intense orgasm” so... all is good!

I know the benefits and I am glad that they are getting a lot more than they are asking for.

I love seeing healthy sexy men enjoying life...

Tantric Massage Sydney 

Sexuality Health Maroubra 

Prostate Massage & Therapy Alexandria

Tantric Counselling Randwick

Tantric Massage Zetland

Improve Erectile Function

Massage Therapy Sydney


Alternate premium service from Sensual and Erotic Massage Sydney


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Tantric and Sensual Massage Sydney, Randwick, Surry Hills, Bondi Junction, Double Bay, Paddington, Moore Park, Waverley, Kensington, Redfern, Coogee, Maroubra, Edgecliffe, Bronte, Bellevue Hill

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said on :

Before I attended your tantric massage session I had no idea how amazing it would be. The atmosphere that you provided, the encouragement/tuition you gave and your beautiful hands and technique made it like no other massage I have had before. It is truly eye opening to know the pleasures that you can produce in the body, and the full body orgasm was a first for me and beyond description.
I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Thanks Again

Value:5 starsService:5 stars

said on :

Over the past 3 months, during which I have attended your Tantra Course, you have changed my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! In teaching the principles and techniques of tantra you have taught me things about sexuality I wish I had known 20 years ago. This knowledge should be learnt by everyone. The sexual energy movements in my body and my partners body have taken us to new levels of pleasure and intimacy, with extended and heartfelt lovemaking replacing our old tired habits.


Value:5 starsService:5 stars

Serenity Massage

said on :

I have had many massages, this would have to be the best I have ever had, very professional.

Value:5 starsService:5 stars

Sensual and Erotic Massage Sydney

said on :

The experience of the service provided by Nickolas was exceptional. It was an awakening of senses, feelings and taught to enjoy myself in many pleasurable ways. Nickolas was very reassuring, very understanding, supportive all along. He is very professional in his dealings and exceptional in his skills. He really knows how to give pleasure.
I highly recommend his services, if you are somebody who is ready to enjoy.

Value:5 starsService:5 stars

Inner Sanctum-Melissa Nathan

said on :

I have suffered from long term chronic neck pain. Melissa is the only therapist I have met who can help me manage this. Excellent!!

Value:5 starsService:5 stars

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