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First of all, the company strives on lies, deception, and blatantly targeting people with no knowledge of how it works to help them with a website. Easiest people to prey on because anyone else who knows about online marketing will see through all the holes in the company. Linkeo hides behind a facade that since the office is in the city it must be a big reputable company which is so far from the truth it should be ashamed of itself. All the positive reviews written here are by staff or management and we are constantly asked in meetings to take it in turns to put up a review to push down the negative ones. There is no HR department so don't think you will have any protection from the very unethical way staff is treated. You will get spoken about behind your back. The manager takes joy in gossiping about you to other staff members and then turning to you to gossip about them. The problem he didn't realize was that everyone talks and we all found out he talks about everyone behind their backs   The manager will insult you. Threaten you, add stress to you. Call you at 7am and 9pm even though you work from 9 to 5. Promise things and then forget the promises and blame you. If you dont pick up your phone in those ridiculous hours he will keep calling and message you to call him back. You will have your commission withheld from you for no fault of your own, and you will be micromanaged to the point of absolute ridiculousness. These supposed reps that dont make target or overpromise are successful in their careers prior to and after linkeo you just cant have even the best of people selling something that has so many faults and flaws and management turning a blind eye to them.

Everything about this company is a con. They have no idea about running a company. They rip off hard working honest businesses. They rip off their own workers and encourage their workers to lie and mislead propects, a very bad way of running a company that will eventually be their downfall. After leaving the company, I was harassed to take down my honest reviews and had other reviews reported. YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM THE TRUTH YOU SCUM BAGS. Close your company down and return to your own country where these sorts of things may be acceptable for companies to do. You are total scum bags that deserve to be begging on the street to feed yourselves. Leave Australia.

Founded in 2000 by Ludovic Jaffrès, Jérôme Callec and Frédéric Renault, Linkeo is a leader in local digital marketing for SMBs and entrepreneurs who are looking for a one-stop-shop website creation solution. Creating fully-responsive websites and ensuring high-quality site traffic has been our driving force for the past 15 years.

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  • There are no reviews for this business
  • There are no reviews for this business