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  • Bushmans

    Orange 2800

    “We have used a number of Bushmans tanks both at home and on the farm. They are excellent to deal with and cheaper than most others.”


    Phil Cawthorne on 22nd Sep 2014

  • Obrien Tanks - Water Storage Tanks NSW

    Taree 2430

    “I used to have problem with my water supply. The water had color and odor and when I checked the tank, it was already rusty when in fact I only bought it a year ago. I bought Obrien Tank and I am already using it for more than two years without encountering any problem. The most effective water tanks in the Taree area! :) ”


    Sallie Ellis on 11th May 2012

  • Ian Stuart Tank Installations

    Toowoomba 4350



    Michael B on 19th Mar 2012

  • Aquadynamics Aquarium Cleaning Service Brisbane

    Redbank Plains 4301

    “We are very pleased with the service that your company is providing us.The servicemen are very informative and thorough and it is great to see staff taking pride in what they do.”


    Stacey Pakeleppa on 30th May 2011

  • Aaqua Ffresh

    Caboolture 4510

    “Excellent service by very friendly operator. ”


    Christine on 28th Apr 2011

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