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About Us

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Melbourne uses;


  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure and
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Cupping
  • Moax

To treat a wide variety of conditions including;

1. Upper Respiratory Tract
Acute sinusitis
Acute rhinitis
Common cold
Acute tonsillitis

2. Respiratory System
Acute bronchitis
Bronchial asthma

3. Immune System Disorder
And many more

4. Disorders of the Mouth
Acute & chronic pharyngitis

5. Gastrointestinal Disorders
Spasms of esophagus & heart
Acute & chronic gastritis
Gastric hyperactivity
Chronic duodenal ulcer for pain relief
Acute duodenal ulcer wo/ complications
Acute & chronic colitis
Acute bacillary dysentery
Paralytic ileus

6. Neurological and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Headache and Migraine
Trigeminal neuralgia
Muliple Sclerosis
Facial palsy in the early stage
Pareses following a stroke
Peripheral neuropathies
Sequelae of poliomyelitis
Meniere's disease
Neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Nocturnal enuresis
Intercostal neuralgia
Cervicobrachial syndrome
Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow
Low back pain
Restless leg syndrome

7. Amenorrhea

Irregular periods
Menopausal symptoms

Infertility related issue

Dr. Wang is always seeking to discover what is causing the symptoms, to treat the cause, and to prevent recurrences.

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Templestowe Lower Clinic: Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Phone: 98584558


Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine Acupressure Massage Melbourne & Templestowe Lower.


  • Bachelor degree of Medicine. Bachelor degree of Chinese medicine. Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner Board of Victoria


Acupuncture Weight Loss Chinese Medicine Acupressure Sports Medicine

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  • Stephen F Wood

    “Dr Wood has treated me both with chiropractic & acupuncture. My back was never better & his acupuncture treatments for stress & anxiety where just incredible. Since moving to Sydney, I have found (after much trial & error) a really good chiro - but 10 years on I still cannot find anyone with his skill and knowledge of acupuncture.
    Wish he'd move his practice up here :0)”

  • Five Elements Acupuncture & Massage

    “I have been a client at Five Elements for many years. The various practitioners I have seen have all been outstanding. They worked together well to help me through the health issue I was dealing with. I would not hesitate to refer people here.”

  • Fei Feng Jun

    “I live near Dr Fei's clinic and was curious about the 'quit smoking' sign on the window. I had smoked for more than 20 years. Finally I went to see Dr Fei to have acupuncture and I have now been a non-smoker for 4 years. Sure, I was ready to stop smoking but I give her a lot of credit for helping me get there.”

  • Enerchi Medical Clinic

    “If you are looking for a good acupuncture clinic look no further, Dr Simon White has helped me so much, i had 4 back operations and had lost the feeling in my right foot, after 1 session with Dr White i got feeling back in my foot for the 1st time in Ten Years..”

  • Sydney Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal

    “Whilst seeking for treatment of my alopecia, i was recommended to see Rodd, I could not be more happy with his treatment with acupuncture and bad tasting chinese herbs, which worked a treat and did the trick after a few months.”

  • Five Elements Acupuncture & Massage

    “Inconsistent massage, pressure and technique just weren't up to scratch. Felt like it was being rushed, and no attention was paid to my specific requests.”

  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Melbourne

    “hi i m ponting poll.Chinese fertility clinics is a best method for newely merried couple with disored put their worries.fertility clinics gives multiple theraphy
    that's brings desired result for my family. so i am happy with this result.Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine also helpful to my family.”

  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Melbourne

    “Dr. Scott has done the job professionally and passionately. He has help me to recover from back injury by acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.”

  • Miranda Medical Centre Acupuncture & Massage

    “Until now, I've used this practice for 10 years but the staff they've had for the last year or so are immature, rude and unhelpful. Waiting for 45 minutes or more while others walk in, see a doctor and leave, only to face sniggering from staff when they're quizzed about the wait, has capped it off for me. I'll be going elsewhere.”

  • Northside Acupuncture And Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic

    “Mr Robert Bradford, is a fine practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was refered to him by a friend of mine who was under going treatment for fertility problems, as I was experiencing difficulties conceiving myself I decided to give acupuncture a try, I must admit that I weas a little apprehensive at first as needles are not one of my favourite things,I was delighted with the way Robert put me at ease with an explanation of what to expect, and his explanation of his treatment strategy, happily both myself and my friend now find ourselves expectant mothers due to his caring and skillful treatment, I would recommend him without any hesitation.”

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