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About Us

Vehikool Automotive Air Conditioning - Car Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioning Repair, Air Purifiers Adelaide | Prospect 

Across Adelaide, ‘cool’ companies choose Vehikool car air conditioning for temperate travel.

Car Air Conditioning Adelaide 

Our 24/7 installation and repair service never leaves you hot under the collar.

After all, work can take us many places and sit us behind numerous wheels.

So whether you’re driving a hefty earthmover or sleek company car – go in comfort.

Quality underpins all our car air conditioning installations and repairs.

Vehikool is a fully ARC licensed Denso and RAA approved VASA member.

You’ll be impressed by our specialised state-of-the-art equipment and customer-focussed staff.

Air Conditioning Repair Prospect 

Ask us about our ‘no hassle’ workmanship guarantee and full manufacturers warranty too.

Make a cool business move! Vehikool air conditioning allows drivers to personalise temperature, environment and climate to their liking.

So you reap the rewards of more productive and efficient staff.

Our Adelaide service covers quality air conditioning installation and repairs for commercial vehicles including:

  • Buses & cars
  • Earthmoving equipment & industrial vehicles
  • Tractors
  • Trucks & vans

Vehikool even keeps an extensive spare parts inventory to slash repair waiting times.

So you can always usher in a cool change at the turn of a button.

Vehicles drive business. Ensure your commercial fleet boasts all features for utility and performance.

Vehikool also provides a premium ‘full package’ service including:

  • Air conditioning & accessory fitting
  • Auto electrical, audio & security
  • CB radio, communications & accessories
  • Heating, filtration & engineering

Air Purifiers North Adelaide

Vehikool also serivce, repair and install air conditioning for:

  • Classic cars
  • Imported cars
  • American cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Collectable cars

Keep your business running cool as a cucumber with car air conditioning installation and repairs!

We can also assist with re-gassing, custom made hoses, air conditioning hose repairs, AC compressor repairs & rebuilds.

Call Vehikool, the Adelaide vehicle air conditioning experts today on  08 8260 ####  for quality onsite air conditioning service across Adelaide. Or visit us online any time.

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Automotive Air Conditioning

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Car Air Conditioning Installations, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Prospect, Edwardstown, Seaton.


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  • Karl Knudsen Automotive

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