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Blog-ponderings is a recently revamped site that had slowly faded from use. 

Formerly used by dLook's founders, I have re-instated the blog to begin a new life.

Its use is yet to be determined, though I have included an About Me page providing an insight into my background and beliefs.

Sure other pages, posts and blogs will emerge over time.

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Aussie Blog Unfolds

A number of blogs have been added with a collection of blog entries ranging from Crowd Dancing to reflections on the XXX Olmpics, or a personal fave All Things Orange.

Whimsical in nature, the blog is no more than random thoughts and purely geared for entertainment.


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Is this the interests section :) I like oysters and trout, green curry and Beef rendang. Play guitar and was part of the worship team at church now running around getting too old to be on stage! I'm a dad, a husband, a brother and a son, oh and I'm general manager of dLook.


For more information email [email protected]


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