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    “Kathy was the guiding light we had been looking for; she was able to provide practical, gentle and kind techniques to support our family. Kathy took the time to understand our journey and listened to our concerns. She took a holistic approach to our situation and tailored her support to our needs. She empowered us by teaching us to follow our instincts, in turn building our confidence. We were truly delighted with the results. Within three weeks our daughter was sleeping through the night.”


    Nicki Murray on 20th Mar 2012

  • Jill Keuker on 12th Nov 2011

  • Jeanette Tyler

    Norman Park 4170

    “When I started breastfeeding in the hospital I was doing okay but I just wasn't feeling that the way they were teaching me was natural and niether were the other methods I read about. I stalled on calling someone until we had an overnight visit at the Children's hospital and due to the stress (my daughter was 2 1/2 weeks old and I had had a caeser) my milk pretty much dried up completely and the hospital lactation consultants just stressed me out more. We then called Jeanette and she came the next day sat with us during a feed and explained the noises, the actions and so on that our daughter was making and showed me how to feel comfortable with breastfeeding (no pillows!!!!) She stayed for 1 1/2 hours and for quite a reasonable price. This changed my whole outlook on breastfeeding at the time and I had a sense of feeling free. I have now been breastfeeding for 11 1/2 months but unfortunately have had to give up due to illness, but I can stay she will be my lifeline for my next pregnancy, if I need her, from the very first week - no stalling!!”


    RMM on 29th May 2008

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