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De Cinque Wellbeing offers Theta Healing courses, workshops and consultations improving the health and nutrition of individuals in and throughout Perth.

To speak to Australia's most trusted mentor and instructor, ring Maria today on .

Theta Healing Perth

If you've been feeling out of sorts or stressed out for a long period of time, consider seeking help from De Cinque Wellbeing.

With a mission to help you renew your senses, heal and find your way back to life, De Cinque Wellbeing offers meditation and healing courses and workshops that will make you feel positive and confident that you can resolve the issues in your life.

What is Theta Healing?

Theta healing works by activating parts of the DNA strand to unblock long held, and limiting beliefs.

This process frees you up to take on life with a smile, with your newfound inner peace.

The activation of dormant DNA also works to make you healthier, and to reverse the aging process.

Get in touch today to begin a new, harmonized way of living that incorporates nutritional medicine focusing on environment, emotion and eating.

Recieve one-on-one mentoring and consultation with Maria, or participate in group workshops.

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Headed by Maria de Cinque who has been a healer, therapist, teacher, mentor, instructor, nutritional and medicinal practitioner, and an advocate of inner healing for many years, De Cinque Wellbeing will help you master the holistic way of life.

Why is Theta Healing different?

Maria examines the metaphysical brain.

Through Theta Healing, you will be taught to become more aware of your emotions and your capacity to handle them. 


De Cinque Wellbeing offers the following classes and Theta Healing workshops covering:

Basic & Advanced DNA

Intuitive Anatomy

Animal Communication

Manifesting & Abundance

Relationships - Soulmates 

Crystal Remote Viewing

World Relations

Disease & Disorders


Rainbow Children


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Maria de Cinque is recognized as one of the top leading instructors in Australia as she works out of genuine compassion, and is passionate about helping people harmonize with themselves and with their environment.

Re-train your mind, clear your regrets, envision and live your future, find your soulmate, and live your life to the fullest.

Allow De Cinque Wellbeing facilitate the way towards your optimal life.

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Contact De Cinque Wellbeing today at and schedule an appointment for a private consultation.

You’ll be surprised at how Maria is able to connect with your thoughts and emotions and relieve you of your worries and stress in life.



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Theta Healing Practitioner Perth

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