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Jumbo Learning South Australia's Leading agency for children. Specialist Child Mentor and Advocate in Education for children aged 4 to tertiary.


Svetislav Krstic

Myself and my wife engaged Priscilla to help our son with some learning difficulties in Term 3 last year and we continued with the tutoring as we have seen a massive improvement within our son's learning through out last year. He has gained confidence in his learning and development along with being able to stay on task . Priscilla has also been in communication with his teachers also and they have worked collaboratively to make sure Stefan has the best out come with his learning. Our son is on the spectrum and Priscilla has been working with our son to help him with his concertration and attention along with other associated issues that he suffers from being on the spectrum in general we have seen a massive improvement with our son not just in his learning but also with his social and behavioral aspects too. He looks forward to seeing Priscilla every Saturday morning for his lessons and enjoys his time there. There have been times where we have had to discuss our finances with Priscilla regarding payment for our sons tuition fees and she has been very understanding and accommodating.We have had no issues with Priscilla at all regarding our sons turion and Priscilla will always either let us know atleast 24hrs before whether there are any concerns in regards to our sons attendance or the session might be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or if Priscilla might be running a bit late for what ever reason either way she is always in communication with us. I will be continuing for how ever long my son needs Priscilla for his tuition. I have no problems in recommending Priscilla to anyone who might need their child to have extra tutoring she has done amazing things for our son who can be difficult at times aswell. But Priscilla shows great patience and understanding with our son and I will continue to use her services until he needs too.Keep up the great work Priscilla and we love what you have achieved with our son so far. Thank you ????????????????????????????????????????

Sakyin Yong

She is a very diligent tutor. My daughter has been going for some years now and i have seen her confidence and knowledge improve greatly.

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