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Dr Nadia Tejani - Endocrinologist Eastern Suburbs | Hormone Specialist Maroubra Dr Nadia Tejani is a medical specialist and female endocrinologist offering treatment for women across Sydney. Call today on
. Female Endocrinologist Fairfield Dr Nadia Tejani is a medical specialist and practicing female endocrinologist in Sydney. She practices evidence based medicine to ensure excellent quality of service and effective treatment. The endocrine system is responsible for the release of the body's hormones. Hormone problems can present with a number of common symptoms that can often be quite debilitating and that can significantly reduce your quality of life. After consulting your GP about your symptoms, it may be time to see a specialist who can effectively deal with the root cause of your problems, not just treat the results. Hormonal problems are insidious because they can subtly increase over time and it becomes difficult to identify problems. Diabetes Treatment Western Sydney Dr Nadia Tejani is an experienced female endocrinologist, working in this practice for over 6 years. She can work with you to precisely diagnose the problem you're having. Her practice is set up precisely so that you can receive support for your condition. Dr Nadia Tejani will guide you through what effective preventative medicine should be used to treat the problem, but you can also receive advice about dietary plans and other lifestyle factors that can help you manage your illness in an effective, long-term orientated manner. Endocrinology is a broad medical field and Dr Nadia Tejani can help you treat and manage a range of different conditions in an effective way. As a specialist, she has detailed clinical experience with a range of conditions, both common and obscure, and can work with you to find the treatment that suits you best. Some common conditions she can help with include:  Diabetes Thyroid Problems Osteoporosis Hormonal Problems   Osteoporosis Treatment Randwick Start seeking treatment by asking for a referral from your GP. If you've been diagnosed with a hormonal problem, seek specialised advice and begin the road to management and recovery. With practices based in both Maroubra and Fairfield, Sydney, Dr Nadia Tejani will take referrals from across Australia. She is open Monday to Friday at 9am - 4pm. Call
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Dr Nadia Tejani Endocrinologist Sydney

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