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For more than 20 years, McIver Engine Reconditioning Service has provided reliable and efficient engine overhauls for individual clients and automotive dealers throughout the Northern Territory. Our locally owned and operated business has a team of automotive machinists and diesel mechanics dedicated to keeping your car engine in excellent working condition. We carry out specialist engine upgrades and rebuilds. This includes crank grinding, head reconditioning, multi-valve seat cutting, engine balancing, cylinder boring and more. We use cutting-edge equipment, including the Hines Eliminator Engine Balancer and the Rottler VR7 Valve Refacing Machine on all our projects. Visit our website today for enquiries!


Troy Dowler

Peter and the team rebuilt my tired Mitsubishi Pajero engine 3 years ago and since then I have done big trips in northern Queensland (the Cape) and around Central Australia (the Rock). The engine runs great. I'd highly recommend getting your engine rebuilt at his engine shop.

The people leaving 1 star reviews need to reset their expectations. The business function is in the name - <McIver Engine Reconditioning Services> not <McIver Engine Measuring Services> or <McIver Engine Stud Removal Services>. Such trivial jobs don't pay the wages of the employees or cover business operating costs.

mathew emery

Very easy to deal with, quick and quality work, will use again if i have the need

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McIver Engine Reconditioning Services

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Winnellie, NT 820
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