Fill Leite
Stephen Ebery

Our overnight visit was more a -5 star, the room was not clean, dirt & dead insects and cobb webs everywhere. Refrigerator was not turned on as one would expect, I opend both doors of the refrigerator only to be greated by live cockroaches thus had to clean inside before placing our food and produce inside. Everything about this place is antiquated and looks every minute it's sixty plus years old. Plus side the pool itself is cool & refreshing although not shaded, though there are a couple of side sails with in the pool enclosure they both have seen better days. The bush kitchen is a disgrace and the cleanliness of the whole cooking dining and prep areas is very very poor. The people are very cliquey and make you feel unwelcomed. My female friend was reprimanded in front of a large group for not following the rules which where never formally explained, thus caused embarrassment, undue stress and resentment. Now I have to give this place one yellow star otherwise I am not able to post this review.

Also, as a first time visitor/s thier web site stated $50 per first night yet they charges $80.00 Whereas in my opinion they should have paid us to stay there. If you not believe check there web page and as for the rest, go for a day visit and see for yourselves.

Where to find Sunseekers Nudist Club

Sunseekers Nudist Club

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Hovea, WA 6071
Map showing the location of Sunseekers Nudist Club in Hovea, WA 6071

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