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Have you been looking for a competent technician to help you enhance and maintain your vehicle's condition? The specialists at Tasman Automotive provide the best car service for North West Tasmania special in Devonport residents.

Tasman Automotive team is dedicated to providing quality automotive servicing solutions to our valued customers, and we proudly provide a variety of service options that are tailored to match their specific needs.

Whether you are after engine rebuilds, tyre and wheel alignments, brake servicing and repair, or general mechanical repairs,Tasman Automotive is the team for you! To find out more about our superior services and solutions, give us a call.


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Leon LI

Very honest, do perfect job

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Tasman Automotive 塔斯修車廠

13 Nov 2023

To all our valued customers,

We do our best to provide better service to all of you, the price and repairs have always been accepted before jobs started.

We try hard to minimize the costs for our customers.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tasman Automotive 塔斯修車廠

3 Apr 2023

Happy Easter everyone.

Just a quick reminder that Tasman Automotive will be closed for the Easter Long weekend from 4pm on Thursday the 6th of April until 8.30am on Tuesday the 11th of April.

Text me if you’ve mechanical problems or

dial 000 for emergency

If you require any parts before then please let us know asap!


Tasman Automotive 塔斯修車廠

22 June 2022

Fun with Timing chain kit captiva 3.0 L petrol

Tasman Automotive 塔斯修車廠

22 Dec 2021

Appointment Only during Holiday

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Tasman Automotive 塔斯修車廠

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