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About Us

Stephanie Paterson Agency – Professional Fashion Agency Sydney | NSW

Stephanie Paterson Agency is a professional fashion agent representing mainly Australian labels to boutiques across Sydney, NSW and QLD.

Professional Fashion Agency Sydney

Ever wished your very own fashion label could be displayed amongst the big names at your local boutique?

Well now it has the chance with representation by Stephanie Paterson Agency.

A fashion industry expert, Stephanie Paterson specialises in closing the gap between designer, supplier and retailer for Australian-made labels.

Designer Label Agent NSW

Designing and creating your own fashion line is hard enough, but breaking into the competitive world of Australian fashion is a feat often left unaccomplished.

You may have amazing designs and work with incredible fabrics, but getting boutiques and suppliers to notice you often seems almost impossible.

Stephanie Paterson Agency gives Australian labels the chance to break into the Australian fashion industry and hit the retail market.

Women’s Clothing Agent QLD

As a travelling sales agent, Stephanie Paterson Agency can come to you no matter your location in NSW or QLD.

Stephanie Paterson Agency has been making waves in the industry for over 2 years now, and has seen many Australian designers be picked up by mainstream retailers.

Whether you are a boutique owner, a fashion designer or a retail store buyer, Stephanie Paterson Agency can help you connect to the next big thing in Australian fashion.

Fashion Retail Sales Brisbane

Stephanie Paterson Agency is passionate about what they do, and this passion is reflected in their dealings with each and every client.

Stephanie Paterson and her team understand the challenge of getting your name noticed by the fashion industry.

That’s why they work closely with their clients to understand their goals, ambitions and direction they want their label to take.

To get in touch with Stephanie Paterson Agency, simply call 0417 65# ###.

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  • Professional Fashion Agency Sydney

    “I am a local fashion designer in Sydney and I was struggling in the past 2 years to get my clothes, as well as my name, noticed. I am so glad that I was able to work with Stephanie Paterson agency. My clothes are now recognized in the market. ”

  • Jean Clark on 27th Mar 2012

  • Ladies Boutique Sydney

    “I was thinking of an anniversary gift for my wife. And I really had no idea what to give her or where to buy in Killara. Styles of Sydney had been pretty helpful; they have everything for ladies! They also helped me decide what to buy.”

  • Evening Couture Malvern

    “My wedding would be far from complete without my wedding gown! I will be forever thankful to Eva Tomala Fashion Couture for creating my dream wedding gown. It has always been my dream and I am extremely grateful that you made it come true. Thank you so much!”

  • Hairdresser Cannington

    “I found Morph Quarters from a Spreets voucher. I wasn't expecting too much to be honest, but I sure was wrong! The place is really nice inside and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They are the best hairdresser Cannington. I will be back here for sure”

  • Brisbane Fashion Stylist - Style Me Beautiful

    “I was so pleased to have Sharryn assess my colour. Unfortunately I was wearing all the colours that did not suit my skin colour. Now however, I am confident when I buy new items and find that I receive compliments regularly. I have the confidence to step out the door knowing that I have put my best self forward. Thank you!

  • Brisbane Fashion Stylist - Style Me Beautiful

    “Hi, I just like to thank Sharryn for her help in getting my colours re-done. I had them done about 15 years ago but time marches on and so things change...Sharryn sorted out the old to the new and gave me a great new colour range. I've already had comments on the difference and thank Sharryn for the colour and style tips for the hair, people tell me I look 10 years younger and at 50 that can only be a good thing. Thanks again Sharryn for the refreshed me!!!!”

  • Brisbane Fashion Stylist - Style Me Beautiful

    “I had a style and colour consultation with Sharryn and it was absolutely fantastic. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the session and I am definately going to go through my wardrobe and get rid of the colours and styles that don't suit me. Every girl should have one of these done!!!!!!!”

  • Brisbane Fashion Stylist - Style Me Beautiful

    “I recently had my colour consultation with Sharon from Style Me Beautiful.
    The experience was fantastic & i have since change my colours in my wardrobe & especially after reading the info booklet she gave me helped me 110% especially when giving presentations for my business & just feeling good!!
    Would recomend her to anyone!
    Hope Island”

  • Brisbane Fashion Stylist - Style Me Beautiful

    “Style Me Beautiful was exactly what i needed. I had little knowledge when it came to choosing clothing. My wardrobe consists of many outfits , but I could never put together an outift that brought out my best features and made me look beautiful . Sharryn is a very freindly, professional stylish person who makes your feel very comfortable. Sharryn explained all aspects as she proceeded through my consultation. She is very thorough and has a great eye for detail. Sharryn also encouraged me to embrace my inner beauty and made me feel beautiful on the outside too.
    I was amazed that for all these years I have been gravitated toward all the incorrect colours that make me look gaunt or much older.
    I now have my colour swatch and began using this immediately. I also used all the recommended makeup techniques and products.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Style Me Beautiful , it was the best thing I have done for myself to boost my confidence.”

  • Brisbane Fashion Stylist - Style Me Beautiful

    “Sharron was really lovely, very helpful and patient when I felt unsure.
    I've since thrown out all those things that just didn't work for me in my wardrobe and am re-building it at my own pace now with all the right colours. Well worth the exercise!”

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