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About Us

Xtreme Fuel Treatment – Online Fuel Treatment Australia wide

Give your engine the boost it needs – Improve Fuel Mileage & Increase Horesepower Performance!

Fuel Prices are on the rise and everyone’s racking their brains thinking about how to make their fuel last. Well, Xtreme Fuel Treatment has been available to the public since 2008. This fuel treatment has been around for 20 years and was only available to the big industrial company's such as PT PAMA - the biggest earthmoving, mining company in the world. This fuel treatment was developed for NASA. The science behind it? Space rockets were exploding because fuel would not burn evenly so they developed XFT.

Based in Queensland, Xtreme Fuel Treatment is the fuel additive that will give your fuel that extra mileage and protect your engine at the same time.

As a product that underwent extensive research, development, consumer testing and patenting, it is registered under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so not only does it save your engine and your pocket, it also saves the environment.

What does it do, you may ask? Well, besides saving you money it:

  • Prolongs Engine Life
  • Improves Fuel Mileage
  • Enhances Horsepower & Performance
  • Reduces Emissions

Previously only used in the industrial market, it has since been released to the public and can now be purchased online at the Xtreme Fuel Treatment website any time of the week and all across Australia.

Quality Products At Affordable Prices

Xtreme Fuel treatment can be used in all Diesel and Gasoline engines, including in machines such as:

  • Trucks & Buses
  • Cars & Motorcycles
  • Loaders & Excavators
  • Generators
  • Ships
  • Tractors & Farm Equipment
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Pick-Ups & ATVs
  • Jet Skis
  • Landscape & Construction Equipment

Components of Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Detergents: Removes harmful deposits from fuel pumps, injectors and throughout the fuel system
Lubricating Agent: Provides lubrication to pistons, fuel pumps and injectors, reducing friction and prolonging the working life of the engine
Burn Rate Modifier: Extends the burn rate of fuel during combustion to provide a more complete fuel burn resulting in increased fuel mileage, fewer harmful emissions and less carbon build up  on engine parts
Polymerisation Retardant and Dispersants: Reduces sludge build up in fuel which can plug filters
Fuel Stabilizer: Prolongs the life of stored fuel, ideal for seldom  used equipment
Rust and Corrosion inhibitors: Prevents tank and fuel system corrosion caused by oxidation and condensation
Demulsifiers: Helps separate water from fuel

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Become a distributor for this fantastic product!

XFT's effectiveness is proven by the many satisfied customers from various industries. Whether you’re the owner of just one car, a farm owner or running a school, office, car-rental company or shipping and freight fleet – Xtreme Fuel Treatment guarantees savings all year round and has a world wide reach. If you're looking to make some serious money then why not become a distributor of this amazing product. Take advantage of it's wide market appeal now! To find out more about this exciting opportunity and improve your bank balance, contact Xtreme Fuel Treatment on (07) 3888 #### or 0423 36# ###.

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