Aesop's Greek Restaurant

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Byo, moussaka or plaka and similar products or services are available from Aesop's Greek Restaurant during normal business hours. For a fuller description of a more complete range of Greek Restaurants products or services please call us on phone or email.


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  • Aesop's Greek Restaurant

    “i have just been there recently, & again with no surprise - had a ball. The food was great - yes the price was up a ''tingy-wee'' little - but so has everything!!! the staff were great...who worked bloody hard cleaning after us - escpecially smashing of all those plates we made(sorry james!) - but they still made sure we all had enough food/drinks on our table.
    we left there very happy - well we had to be 'kindly' 'pushed' out of the restaurant as it was 12.30am!
    thankyou again to the owner, james, & his staff for a excellent nite.
    see you at the xmas function!!"

  • L1 on 19th Nov 2008

  • Mezedakia Greek Restaurant Melbourne

    “The Gyros is tasty and simply delicious. I like the side dish that often goes with it- tomatoes and onions. The tzatziki sauce is nice addition to this meal. I recommend you to try the Pastitsio too, because if you are a big fan of the Bechamel sauce - you will totally love it.

  • Cafe Astros Greek Restaurant Adelaide

    “Excellent Greek food, a splendid menu, and friendly service. We have been very pleased every time that we have gone there! Recommended for a nice Greek themed meal!”

  • Florina's Greek Tavern

    “The best Greek food I have ever had, ever better than Greece. The staff are friendly and the food is fresh and fantastic.”

  • Bethany Partridge on 30th Sep 2013

  • schdpau on 6th Oct 2009

  • caramel on 20th Jun 2008