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Gutter Guard Top Idea Gutter Protection – Leaf Guard Sydney Gutter Guard, Roof Protection Melbourne, Brisbane Australia

Gutter Guard Top Idea Gutter Protection provides the unique leaf stopper system that guards your gutter from leaves and protects your roof from debris

Leaf Guard For Sydney Homes

Surrounded by greenery, Sydney is a sprawling metropolis set amidst an urban Australian bush. From the Royal National Park down south to Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park across the Harbour Bridge and westward yet towards the Blue Mountains, it’s safe to say that Sydney is also a leafy city. But that doesn’t mean your home is safe from leaves.

Sometimes You Can’t See The Trees For The Forest

Gutter Guard Top Idea Gutter Protection is designed to keep leaves and debris away from your roof, gutter or valley system, whether your home is Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane. The patented Leaf Stopper system comprises a strong aluminium screen mesh that forms an impregnable barrier between pesky leaves, twigs and sticks – and your gutter.   The specially designed fine metal meshing allows rainwater to enter your gutter and drain into your downpipes whilst trapping dry leaves and other rooftop debris like feathers, insects and airborne rubbish.

Roof Protection In Melbourne

As well as preventing leaves and branches from clogging your guttering and roof valley systems, Gutter Guard Top Idea Gutter Protection also protects your home and family from the very real hazard of flying bushfire embers. The thin yet surprisingly robust metal mesh keeps smouldering cinder and ashen detritus from igniting on your rooftop during a fire emergency and also ensures ease of cleaning. The Gutter Guard Top Idea Gutter Protection Leaf Stopper also comes with the following practical and aesthetic features:

  • It extends the roof line to the outer edge of the gutter
  • It does not obstruct brackets or any other fasteners
  • It is made from durable aluminium screen meshing
  • It is designed to fits most gutter and roof systems 

Guard Your Gutter, Australia!

Simply call Richard on (02) 8211 #### for more information.

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  • Leaf Guard Gutter Protection Australia

    “Absolutely fantastic gutter guard, great price, service and great value I couldn't be happier :) I now look at my roof/gutters and have peace of mind. Highly recommend this product. Mrs Lee Breen”

  • Leeb on 4th Sep 2008

  • Gen 3 Gutters & Downpipes

    “This is the second kitchen I've had gen 3 do for me both times very professional, great ideas, willing to listen to my needs then advise me using there years of experience .”

  • Gutter Guard Heidelberg

    “Our facias had all rotted away from blocked gutters.... we asked Jim's roofing to come and fix the problem who installed a fantastic new gutter guard (the man said Leafless gutter guard is the only product Jim's Roofing will use) which will stop any more problems. Thanks Jim's Roofing and Leafless. Judi from Brighton.”

  • Gutter Guard Heidelberg

    “We recently had our old plastic gutter mesh ripped out because it was clogged up and had grass growing in it ! After much research we went with Leafless as it seemed like the best product that would last the longest (don't want to replace again)..... the guys installed Leafless to our house in not even a day and did a great job - cleaned up after themselves and the system works really well !! Thanks Pat and Matt from Steve in Canterbury”

  • Roof Restoration Campbelltown

    “Hi, thanks for making my roof look so bloody good. WhenI pulled into the driveway this afternoon I thought for a moment I had pulled into the wrong place. I can't believe howgoodit looks. O'yes, you were right about getting the driveway cleaned and seales too. Amazing!


  • Hi Tech Fascia & Guttering

    “I was most dissatisfied with the replacement of my gutters because two down pipes were replaced by one spreader onto the lower roof. It is quite inadequate for the high Turramurra rainfall. I now have a waterfall in front of my sliding door and the water is draining back into the house above the door.”

  • ACT Home & Garden Maintenance

    “i engaged spencer to fix my leaking roof and payed him immeadiatley on completion. Silly me next time it rained i had the same leak as before. i asked spencer to come back and fix it, he did come back once but i tried to fix it myself, so he did nothing. i have since temporarily fixed the problem but now spencer wont answer my calls or letters.

    i would not recommend this business to ANYONE”

  • Roof Repairs & Guttering Sydney

    “Thanks for the prompt service and the great job.
    John & Tracy P”

  • Gary on 27th Mar 2013

  • Judi Parish on 20th Aug 2012

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