Frequently Asked Questions

If your question or problem is not addressed here, please contact us. Our team is always glad to help in every way we can.

How do I search dLook?

To conduct a search simply use the SEARCH BOX at the top left of your screen. You may select a popular category from the list below the search box or simply type into the "What" space one or two words describing what you want. For instance if you want an electrician you could type in, electrician or sparky and your postcode. dLook will then give you a list of electricians who service that particular postcode.

You also have the choice of expanding your search area by clicking on the "how far" box and increasing the search radius. If you know the name of the particular business you are looking for, simply type it in the "Who" space and click on search.

Try to avoid general terms which might apply to many categories such as “supplies” or “equipment”. You can refine your search by clicking on one of the categories that may be displayed to the right of the search results.

How do I get quotes?

The "Get Quotes" function allows you to anonymously request quotes from any business in Australia. To use this function simply conduct a search on any goods or services you are interested in. Select the businesses you wish to obtain quotes from by clicking on the small white square at the top left hand corner of the listing. When you have selected the business you wish to get quotes from click on the "Get Quotes" button to the bottom right of the search box. This will now take you to the "Request a Free Quote" page. Simply enter your email address (twice), click on the main text box and enter your message. For example:

"I have a 2003 Ford Falcon sedan and I need a quote on 4 new Goodyear tyres fitted and balanced."

The smaller box below this main text box tells you which businesses your quote is going to. The last thing to do is to nominate a time in which you would like suppliers to respond to your quote. Click on the arrow and select a time frame from the drop down box and then press the "Send my request" button.

I haven't received an answer to my quote request!

Most businesses will answer your quote request promptly, but there will be those who are either too busy or couldn't be bothered. This is why dLook lets you request quotes from multiple businesses at a time.

How do I get a dLook discount coupon?

All businesses who are participating in the dLook Discount Coupon promotion are able to place these coupons on their listings. These businesses are identified by the word "Coupon" appearing in the top right of their listing. Simply click on the word "Coupon" to see their special offer. If you wish to use that coupon simply use your print command and the coupon will print off on your printer.

I'm a new business and I want to list on dLook!

Click on the green box next to the main search box and follow the prompts, or click here.

How do I print listings from dLook?

Simply select the listings you wish to print out by ticking the small white square at the top left of each listing. Click on the "Print Listings" button to the bottom right of the main search box and then the "OK" button that appears on your print box.

I want to change my business' particulars!

Click on "Manage My Listing" at the top of the page and follow the prompts. You will need your User ID and Password. If you have forgotten or lost either or both of these please email dLook via the "Contact Us" at the top right of the home page.

How do I upgrade my business listing to a Premium Listing?

If you're new to dLook, click on the box to the right of the main search box (or click here), and follow the prompts.

I have a complaint or suggestion for dLook!

Use the "contact us" link at the top right of the page. We welcome all suggestions and complaints and promise to act on them promptly.