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  • Southern River Occupational Therapy - Pediatric Occupational Therapy Southern River

    Southern River 6110

    “My now 3 year old son was failing to meet some of his growth milestones as he suffers from aspergers, so our GP recommended that he go and see an Occupational Therapist.
    The therapists at Southern River were great, very experienced with cases such as ours and gave me some really sound advice. My son has since started to reach some of his growth goals and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much.”


    Katie Scudds on 11th May 2012

  • Cummins Genevieve E

    Pymble 2073

    “Dr. Cummins is an exceptional surgeon. All information was explained clearly pre and post op. Our son had a jejunal atresia and malrotaion that was diagnosed at birth. Dr. Cummins came to the hospital from home and operated at midnight. A few years post first op wer saught the services of Dr. Cummins again to do another procedure on our son. Again everything went smooth. Dr. Cummins bed side manner was outstanding and her ability to talk to children at their level made the experience a whole lot easier.”


    gdjcam on 1st Jul 2010

  • Power K M

    Armidale 2350

    “I found Dr Power to be very unprofessional and hasty. First meeting he diagnosed my 5 year old son with ODD after receiving a brief referral and observing his 5 minute play and weighing him? and told me this could not be medicated and he would hopefully grow out of it. 3 months later on our second appointment he failed to even look at my son, sat with his back to him the entire 10 minutes we were there as he was playing noisily behind him and told me he did not have time to go over my sons behaviour sheets as he has 31 other children to see today but he can medicate that noisy play in the back ground and then proceeded to write me out a script for Ritalin with no consumer information, no alternative advise, no explanation and when asked the side effects of this DRUG he told me he may loose a little weight which he could do with any way!!!!!! my son is 5 and a half and weighs 21kg!
    Not impressed Dr Power and such a shame as now we are going to have travel 4 hours to seek some REAL PROFFESSIONAL advise.”


    bq on 24th Jun 2009

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