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  • Kurien George Verghese

    Vaucluse 2030

    “He was my husband. He was a real SNAG! Helped me to rocket myself in my career as he wanted the utmost for the highest in my career. I have included his name in my books on Administrative Law preface.

    He was always receptive to my requests on dealing with personality, psycho-dynamic and psychological aspects of difficult clients in my work. I recommend him strongly for enhancing insight.”


    margaret allars on 4th Nov 2012

  • Eros Candusso Relationship Counselling Sydney CBD

    Sydney 2000

    “I needed a good relationship counsellor, someone who really listened to my issues, and who genuinely cared about me and my situation, who could give me practical and helpful advice that actually worked. Well thanks to Eros Candusso Relationship Counselling Sydney CBD my relationship with my partner of more than 10 years is now stronger than ever! Would highly recommend this service!”


    Jasmine on 20th May 2011

  • Eros Candusso Counsellor Sydney CBD

    Sydney 2000

    “He was recomended to me by an acquaintance that went before me. Had some short term work to begin with but now I am returning when needed. I find him very empathic, helpful and caring. Highly professional.”


    Leha on 9th Mar 2009

  • Lauffenburger Sandra Kay

    Garran 2605

    “Truly empathic, dedicated and professional”


    Gertie on 9th Sep 2008

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