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Affordable Coastal Driveways

Dora Creek 2264

“I have to say that these people were the most unproffessional concreters I have ever used. Very dissapointing. Absolute disaster from start to finish. Firstly the crew of 4 arrives at 6:30am with no wheelbarrow. They then proceed to scoure the neighbourhood for a weelbarrow. After 2 of my neighbours kindly offered their weelbarrows they then proceeded to complain about them?
Halfway through the 27 x 2.5m pour everything was goining quiet smooth but then the clouds started to builld.
I asked if they should perhaps holt until the rain had passed but was greated with a well ive already ordered the concrete.
To cut a long story short the concrete truck arrived as the heavens opened and so the crew decided to put a tarp over the freshly poured concrete. They needed some way of holdiing the tarp up so they nailed it with 150mm nails to the 60yr old hardwood ladding on the house. Splitting the timber.
The finished product was an absolute shocker, powdery white with shiny bits through it where the tarp had layed on the wet concrete. In the end I had to fork out another 500 dollars to paint over the whole mess. I am still waiting for the reciept.”


AffordableCrap on 10th Oct 2009

East Coast Edging

Upper Coomera 4209

“service was great”


harley11 on 4th Sep 2008