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Simonds Homes Melbourne Pty Ltd

Hallam 3803

“We have been in the house for over 1 year now. The list of things needing to be fixed is still enormous. To name a few major items: cracked render, cracked concrete floors, double glazed windows are sagging in the middle due to lack of proper support, creaking floors (they made us pay extra to have the floor boards fixed, but still creaking so loud that the kids wake up when we walk over them), we have been unable to use our second shower since April '09, roof is not straight, roof has been leaking which was only fixed after threatening of legal action when our daugther hurt herself when she slipped in a puddle (they fixed it with 1 big blop of silicone!!!). Everything they tried to fix they have made looking worse. They absolutely are ignoring any form of communication. We had the south Melbourne regional manager over yesterday, who is a complete arrogant person and not interested in fixing anything. Don't forget all the paint spots on carpet and furniture they left behind after trying to fix things. We can also feel the whole first floor move in strong winds!! THis is not including the drama we went through during the whole building process.


purrfect on 21st Feb 2010

Matvik Homes

Lysterfield 3156

“Stay away from these guys if your a contractor !!! I have twice worked for them, both times in good faith and at short notice, and both times they magically stop answering their phones once the job is done and they owe money!!!! No dispute about the work carried out, in fact we were told the work was fine, then they just stop answering their phones or responding to any correspondence, even booking the second job in under a different name - this is how they make their money.”


Neil on 17th Aug 2012

Top Gear Building Solutions

Boronia 3155

“This business is in the business of taking large deposits and not completing the work. (I know of 2 others who have lost $29,000 and $17,000 respectively). He is not a registered builder, the business is in the process of being struck off by ASIC and he is under investigation by the VBA.”


Nick O'Brien on 31st Aug 2015