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A & E Auto Repairs B P Lota

Lota 4179

“Awesome place!! Really helpful and have had no problems. They really know what they are talking about and not out to rip anyone off. ”


Trinity on 12th Apr 2011

BP Highland Park Mechanical Division

Nerang 4211

“I went to these guys with a few minor requests for fixes on my car and they were really helpful. ”


hoskingrob on 22nd Sep 2010

Menzies Ampol Frenchville

North Rockhampton 4701

“Would never go here again! I'm new to Rockhampton and when my car needed towing, I did not know where to go - so as this place owns the tow truck it came here.
It has been 5 weeks since I have had my car - initially it took a few days to discover the problem, then a part was sent to Brisbane. This took about a week to be sent down and returned... and then ANOTHER part was sent down to be re-programmed, which I was told should take about a week... 1 week ago I was told all the parts were working and should be here 'early next week' (ie the week just passed). The part has still not arrived, and the mechanic does not know why (claiming he isn't in contact with the people in Brisbane as he is dealing with Rockhampton electricians who are dealing with the Brisbane people).
No courtesy car was provided. Also, I have had to ring to find out what was happening - I did try to give them time to phone me, (if they said 'it should be about a week', I would ring a week and a half later), yet I had to make the first call.
I am hoping that my car will be fixed early next week, but not holding my breath. Also they cannot tell me how much this will cost. I am a shift worker and being carless, I have had no way to work. Luckily I hav”


jade5 on 10th Sep 2010

Shell Buderim Service Station & Convience Store

Buderim 4556

“I had my car Corolla Seca 1990 clutch replaced and am delighted with the result and outcome of the service,and friendly service. I have not known this kind of attention for many years and would gladly commend Stuart and his mechanics I was quoted a price and received a good job. I intend to have additional work done, "good on you shell buderim you have restored my confidence......keep up the good work". Patrick Quinn ”


keyfreak on 16th Oct 2008