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B Kloosterman & X. F SHI

Tuggerawong 2259

“Hi, i think it's fair to share the following info with all potential buyers. I have used this website on 3 occassion as it was recommended by my sister. She had one good experiance and one bad.

My first order arrived in the UK after 6 weeks, the second was cancelled and refunded after 4 months of chasing and the last one has been really disasturous. i placed the order on 13 November and it has still never been recieved, they will not reply to emails and have not issued a refund.

As a distance purchaser the pursuit of any form of redress has cost me a lot of time and money. The OFT have passed the case to the CTTT and this is all very stressful.

I just want my money back but as that's not going to happen, I feel it fair to warn others.

Best wishes,

Annette :o(”


Annette on 1st Jul 2008