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Sofia's Pizza House

Frankston 3199

“After Reading some of the reviews below - I GOT TO SAY - Lets Keep it Real...

Sofias is an 'Easy' kinda of Place, with Real service, well cooked food at great prices.

I can honestly say, you cannot get what Sofias offers anywhere else - Good Food at a Great Price & the Sea View - wonderful... and if your there one night & you find yourself asking 'is the staff looking after me as well as i would like' just look around at the other 300 guests they need to service too - shit, i would hate to be in there shoes...

So please people, lets all take a deep breath & just ENJOY the experiance - book a table with friends, share some food & drink some wine while looking at the Sea - Enjoy Life.

Plus i'm told Sofias Frankston is been run by a new manager now, and YES what a massive improvement. The food was Fresh, Tasty and those always Massive portions... which make for great left lunch the next day... its GREAT VALUE.

Also may i suggest, on a nice winter night sitting in the heated decking tent; its so romatic like an Arabian Night, with a great waiter 'Lenko' looking after us, it was wonderful... well worth the experiance. All in all a great new experiance in Frankston... they are really lifting their game.

so forget all the old stories & try them out again - for a casual night out with friends, partner or family, its well worth it.”


Thunderbird on 20th Jul 2010