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Kennedy Bulk Transport

Southbrook 4352

“This business is a very reliable company, who know how to take care of your product, I highly recommend them”


Jackson Kennedy on 27th Feb 2013

Hinde Transport Services

Ashmore City 4214

“Thanks Guys

Just want to let the locals know how good your service is!


Jon Hamon on 16th Mar 2012

Endeavour COURIERS

Southport 4215

“I ordered a courier job from Endeavour Couriers with an express service (delivery within 4 hours). I was assured it would be delivered that afternoon. At 5pm I telephoned them and they assured me it was on its way. I sat in the carpark of the delivery address business for 3 hours until 8pm and made several calls to an after hours number and also sent an email seeking an update on the urgent delivery. No Response. The next day I advised them my urgent item had not been delivered. When I spoke to the manager "Mat" and told him I had lost money and expected not to be charged the "express" rate he told me he would call the driver and tell him to take the parcel back then hung up on me. I called back and pleaded with him to please deliver the parcel and that I would pay (I had no choice as it had already cost me far more than Endeavour Couriers charge) and he smugly replied, "thought so" then hung up on me again. The parcel was eventually delivered after 10am. I have never been treated so poorly by any business and cannot imagine how this courier business survives. The parcel was delivered 20 hours late and I was forced to pay the full express delivery rate by reason of the threat to return the parcel to its pickup address. Mat also informed me that he didn't care about any claim against the company for loss because they were not "common carriers" and had no liability.”


GC1 on 17th Oct 2010