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Fendercovers Pty Ltd are an Australian owned company that have been importing and distributing fender and rope covers for many years. During that time we felt that we could improve on existing product and offer a better quality, better priced cover to the market.

Fendercovers are the result of this research and improve in many areas from existing covers, such as durability, strength and appearance.

Your boats fenders attract dirt from the water and air, and combined with the damaging effects of the environment, makes their surface “sticky” and abrasive. Once these fenders are used against your vessels hull, this abrasive surface slowly rubs away your gelcoat, and leaves it with fine scratches sometimes called "dock rash". Custom painted hulls will also fade as the paint is transferred to the fender through the rubbing motion.

By using these covers, the fenders are protected from the environment and remain free and clean of build up. What’s more, the abrasive scratching is replaced by a soft cover which invariably polishes rather than damages your hull. 

Apart from being practical, covers for your fenders also look great. They come in blue or black to suit your vessels trim and can be custom embroided with your boats name and/or logo. 

Perhaps the greatest improvement in our covers is simply in their presentation. Designed for the retail market, the covers come packed in a well presented, sturdy box ideal for the shop shelf. They are easy to find and display, but with our special cutout on the front of the box, you can even feel the cover before you buy it. 

Fendercovers also make an ideal gift for your friends or family so why not go to our store and give us a try.


Inflation Guide

Before purchasing your Fendercovers it is important to get the correct sizing for your vessels fenders. 

This can be done in 2 ways:

1. In most cases, the fenders will have a distinguishable size written on the fender near the tip. It may be a size in inches or centimetres but simply match this to the size chart below to work out which cover is right for you.

2. In the event that the size marking is not there you will need to measure the fender yourself. Measure the distance from tip to tip first and then measure the circumference of the fender. Take the circumference, divide it by 3.14 and you will have measured the length and width of your fender. 

Inflation: It is essential that you have correctly inflated fenders before purchasing Fendercovers. Apart from not providing the proper protection for your vessel, over inflated fenders become stretched and will cause your Fender covers to be hard to fit and may cause some damage to them. 

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Here are some frequently asked questions that may be of help. 1. How do I know what size my cover needs to be? There are many different fender sizes available so it is important to match your covers to your fenders. Whilst it is not feasible to cover every size, most common brands and sizes are catered for. The easiest way to work out which cover is right for you is to use our sizing chart on the website and match your fender to it. If you are still not sure, please send us an email through the "Contact Us" page with as much description of your fender as possible and we will contact you to let you know the best size cover to suit your needs. 2. How long will my covers last? These covers are primarily designed to provide protection to your boat from your fenders rubbing and chafing. They also look great but like any fabric, prolonged exposure to the elements will reduce their lifespan. For example, if you head out to sea with your fenders/covers on the front of your boat and they get covered in salt, they will need to be washed when you return. Regular washing and reduced exposure to the sun and salt water will aid in protecting the longevity of your covers. 3. How do I get the covers? Simply order on line and we will post them out to you the next day. If we do not have stock of your covers, we will contact you immediately via the contact details on your ordering form. 4. What if I don’t have a credit card? No problem, send us an email and we will contact you to work out and alternative method of payment. 5. Can I see the product in store? Currently our business does not have a shopfront but we are devloping our network of distributors for your convenience. On receiving the product, if it is not what you thought it would be, please send it straight back to us (unused) for a refund. 6. What warranty comes with the product? Fendercovers Pty Ltd warrants the product against defective workmanship only. Due to the varying environmental conditions that these products are used in, once the cover is fitted we cannot offer any further warranty. If you open the packaging and notice a defect in the cover, please contact us immediately and we will gladly exchange your covers. Of course if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product once the cover is fitted, we are always contactable to discuss your options.


Ship Chandlers

  • Fendercovers Pty Ltd. Ship Chandlers

    “It's so refreshing to order something as specific as fender covers online and get EXACTLY what you ask and PAY for. I will be telling everybody at THE FISHO'S about you. Thanks for the great service and product.

  • Fendercovers Pty Ltd. Ship Chandlers

    “My boat needed a bit of a lift (looks wise) so I ordered fender covers online. I had the boats name put on the covers and the result was exactly what the doctor ordered. Thanks guys.”

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