Harem Turkish Restaurant

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About Us

Located in Kingston, ACT, Harem Turkish Restaurant are a Turkish Restaurants supplier providing the full range of Turkish Restaurants products and services including byo, menu and restaurant over an extended service area. We can be contacted during business hours or after hours by prior arrangement.


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  • Rumelis Turkish Restaurant Melbourne


    I was at Rumelis Turkish Restaurant two weeks ago. They have definitely set a new standard to the world of Turkish Entertainment and cuisine. My Family and I have been going to Turkish Restaurants in Melbourne for many years now. We have never been Entertained like this before. With a very family orientated atmosphere professional service. It’s also run by a family, three young boys and their parents!
    Can you imagine 300 people celebrating and singing a happy birthday for your party? That’s what you get when you have your birthday at Rumelis Turkish Restaurant Melbourne

    We booked online and a reply came almost instantly. By far the best Turkish Restaurant in Melbourne. Although they get off slow. They do a good job in pumping out 300 meals in a matter of 2 hours. We were dancing non stop till around 1am. Definitely A credit to the industry!

    They had belly dancers. Not one but two! They were a group called cobras kisss. Male and female belly dancers. One of them was on the TV show AUSTRALIAS GOT TALENT. There’s belly dancers and then theirs them. They aren’t boring like most belly dancers they can move and have developed a very modern style
    A+++ from me.”

  • Rumelis Turkish Restaurant Melbourne

    “hi. i was at rumelis on th weekend... i did not expect to be dancing all night. i thought it was going to be just an ordinary Turkish Restaurant. But what i got was booming Turkish Music. Modern Turkish food. and very sore feet. They even teach you how to dance! the only thing was that i wasnt expcting to have a banquet. maybey thay assumed i knew. for $35 on a saturday night i got the food and the entertainment. i pay that as an entry fee at some bars and clubs. i noticed all the families and how they all got along. you could call it a familly night club. first of its kind. The male and female belly dancers were great dancing with fire and their snake.
    i even had nargile on their balcony. that as hilariouse! no one running downstairs to have a smoke

    I highly recomend this place if you dont want to be bored. and you want something different... its run by a familly so you feel looked after :)”

  • guitarman on 18th Feb 2009

  • AKORN on 22nd Oct 2008