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Bureau of Meterology Services

Most of the Bureau of Meterology (BoM) Weather Services are made available widely to the Australian community through the mass media (radio, television, newspapers).  Services are also accessible via the Internet, recorded telephone systems, marine high frequency (HF) radio and facsimile.

The following services are provided by the BoM for Australia:

Weather Forecast and Warnings by State
National Warnings (Current)
Radar, Satellite and Maps
Climate Information
Water Information
Martime Wind Forecast

Climate & weather: what's the difference?
There is a variety of ways to explain the difference. Here are a few that may shed some light:

Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.

Climate is about long-term records, trends and averages;
weather is the day to day experience.

Climate is the sum or synthesis of all the weather recorded over a long period of time. It tells us the average or most common conditions, or extremes, or counts of events, or frequencies. Weather is a description of conditions over a short period of time - a "snap shot" of the atmosphere at a particular time.

If weather is the watch then climate is the calendar.

What's Available

The BoM has resources such as brochures, reports and glossaries in the form of web pages and PDF documents. You will find: weather charts, weather forecasts, climate data, maps, graphics, animations and details of the Bureau of Meteorology's structure and services. You will also be able to order a variety of products.


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Most of the Bureau's Weather Services are made available to the Australian community through the mass media (radio, television, newspapers) and services are also accessible via the Internet, recorded telephone systems, marine high frequency (HF) radio and facsimile. They are provided in line with the Bureau of Meteorology's Service Charter for the Community. A number of ongoing consultative mechanisms are in place to ensure that services evolve and are continually improved in line with user needs and utilise the latest advances in science and technology. Weather Services comprises several, sometimes overlapping elements, as follows: * Analysis and Prediction A range of computer generated and manually produced national and international weather charts * Disaster Mitigation Services - Information and warning services for tropical cyclones, severe thunderstorms, bushfires,floods, tsunamis and other weather,climate and ocean phenomena likely to significantly impact the community. * Public Weather Services Weather information for the Community * Marine Weather Services Weather information for mariners * Aviation Weather Services Weather information for civil aviation activities * Defence Weather Services Weather information for the Department of Defence * Cost recovery Services Weather data delivery and telephone services at cost of access. Subscription services.


Weather Services encompass a wide range of forecast, warning, current weather observations and information services to the general public, national and international shipping and aviation, the Department of Defence and other groups. A number of offices around the nation issue forecasts warnings and other weather information and maintain a 24-hour, seven days a week weather watch service.


  • To provide advanced weather forecast and warning services for the Australian Community through new software applications, staff training, the installation of six modern Doppler radar systems in locations impacted by severe weather, and replacement of the Bureau's aging radars.


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